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Don't make resolutions, set goals.


Don't make resolutions, set goals.

Don't make resolutions, set goals. It may be semantics, as goals are just something you resolve to do, but it always seems that people's resolutions are generalized and flaky. 

Here's an example: What are some of your resolutions for the new year? 

Answer: Drink less, workout more, be happy, do good, work less, make more money, etc... etc... 

If they were goals? 

No alcohol for 90 days. Gain 10lbs of muscle, Squat 275lbs, run a marathon by August, journal 3 positive things from each day, do 2 random acts of kindness daily, have date night once a week, volunteer 100 hours for the year, donate min $1000 this year, leave work right at 5 everyday, track productivity for 3 months then ask for an 8% raise, invest 10% of my savings into a turnkey profitable business. 

With properly phrased goals that have quantifiable outcomes (and even better goals have smaller steps/goals within them that help you achieve the bigger one), your New Year's Resolutions can take on more meaning and substance. I've read many times that "successful people set lofty, yet attainable goals", and I would argue resolutions are the "poor man's" coefficient. 

Let's set goals and be successful this year so we can all be in better shape, happier, do more good, make more money, and change the world.

Happy New Year :)

- Pieter